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Cisco Meraki Buy 3 for 2 Promo
A warm deal for sweater season.


Promo Buy 3 for 2


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From October 29, 2018 - April 26, 2019 customers can purchase 3 APs for the price of 2

… that’s 1 big discount.

To take advantage of this offer, contact us and your discount will be automatically applied to eligible products.

Promo Buy 3 for 2


  1. Why are the MR20 and MR33 the only eligible MR SKUs for the promotion?
    The MR20 and MR33 are uniquely designed for the SMB space and can provide reliable and cost-effective coverage.
  2. How can I access this promotion?
    Please contact us or fill out the form below with your all your eligible hardware and software SKUs
  3. Is there a cap on the number of APs that can be applied to this discount?
    There is no cap on the number or spend of MR20s and MR33s that can be purchased with this promo.

For additional questions, please reach out to

Eligible Products


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