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Cisco Meraki

Meraki Dashboard

Cloud-Managed Network Management

Power work everywhere—from anywhere.

Provision, configure, and troubleshoot your global networking and IoT deployment in one place—the Meraki dashboard.

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Conquer complexity. Command control.

Accelerate your ability to deliver exceptional network experiences. View and secure IT from the cloud with a new user interface for the platform that powers 10 million IT and IoT devices and 3.5 million networks.

Scale, flexibility, and control. Thanks, cloud.

Fewer tasks = more time to move business forward. Catalyst devices integrated with the Meraki dashboard:

  • Quickly and securely scale from day zero.
  • Empower IT to act in record time.
  • Create outcomes for a remarkable ROI.

The Meraki cloud platform—powered by an intuitive dashboard.

From a small business with a few devices to a global enterprise with 100,000+, IT teams can build and scale networks fast.

Power hybrid work anywhere. Monitor Meraki access, WAN, and IoT and Cisco Catalyst access technologies together.

Visualize Wi-Fi and switching infrastructure from the cloud without firmware or device OS changes.

Make spaces safe, smart, and sustainable. Get real-time insights from devices, smart cameras, and sensors.

Your journey, your way.

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, the Meraki platform can manage your network from campus to branch. Get additional details about Meraki and Catalyst switches and access points.