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Out of Band Control Plane

Cisco Meraki's out of band control plane separates network management data from user data. Management data (e.g. configuration, statistics, monitoring, etc.) flows from Cisco Meraki devices (wireless access points and routers) to Cisco Meraki's cloud over a secure Internet connection. User data (web browsing, internal applications, etc.) does not flow through the cloud, instead flowing directly to its destination on the LAN or across the WAN.

Data Flow

Advantages of an out of band control plane:




What happens if my network loses connectivity to the Cisco Meraki Cloud Controller?

Because of Cisco Meraki's out of band architecture, most end users are not affected if Cisco Meraki wireless APs and routers cannot communicate with Cisco Meraki's cloud services (e.g. because of a temporary WAN failure):

While Cisco Meraki's cloud is unreachable, management, monitoring, and hosted services are temporarily unavailable: