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Cisco Meraki GR10
Dual-band, 802.11ac Wave 2 2x2:2 MU MIMO

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Get Your Business Going

WiFi built for you. With features made for business but an app designed for humans, Meraki Go has the best of both worlds.

Access Points

Meraki Go offers Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Access Points so you can have fast and reliable WiFi, no matter where your business goes. By incorporating the latest hardware standards, Meraki Go access points simply plug in to your network and get to work. Just like you.

Meraki Go WiFi

  • Prioritize bandwidth
  • Set usage limits
  • Block unwanted websites
  • Create a custom splash page for guest WiFi in seconds
  • Guest insights
  • Cloud managed with the Meraki Go mobile app
  • All updates and tech support included